Devos Stables has an established and highly respected breeding programme, built up over years of knowlege, hard work, dedication and passion. Each year, around 20-25 foals are born into the Devos Stables family, all with the prefix of DV following their given names. 

The majority of the foals bred by Devos Stables stay at the farm until they are at least five years old, with a dedicated and sympathetic backing process aimed at giving each individual a solid foundation and the best possible chance for the future. 

In charge of the DV breeding programme is Pieter's parents, Martine and Stefaan - who have years of experience when it comes to understanding what is needed to make a healthy, happy and potenial Grand Prix winning foal. Pouring passion, knowledge and love into the DV breeding programme, Martine and Stefaan know everything about every foal and young horse born into the fold. 

For more information or to see current youngsters, please email