Devos Group was founded in 1984, between the rolling hills of the Hageland in Bekkevoort in Belgium. Stefaan Devos and Martine Theunis decided to set up a fruit company to give their heart to fruit a place. As the young couple were trained as engineers, not as farmers, they quickly put their own spin on the classic model. 

As the company grew, both sons, Pieter and Wouter Devos, joined the company. Pieter Devos  travels around the world to meet the demands of international customers. Wouter Devos is the technical driving force of the company, and looks after the smooth operation of the company. Devos Group is a leader in the field of fruit growing and has become an important player in the Belgian and international fruit trade.

The structure of Devos Group consists of four parts:

  • Fruit production
  • Sorting and packing 
  • International fruit trade and export
  • Sporthorse and equestrian breeding farm