Proud to be involved with Mares of Macha


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Proud to be involved with Mares of Macha

Excited and proud to present our new Breeding Project, Mares of Macha. Full press release below:

MARES OF MACHA - Pieter Devos and partners introduce unprecedented breeding project!

4th on the World Ranking, entrepreneur pur-sang and possessed by breeding, Pieter Devos launches a new project with his partners, in which the Belgian combines all his passions. It all comes together in ‘Mares of Macha’.

The concept behind Mares of Macha is ‘Access proven breeding’: offer frozen embryos of the world’s best families and leading sports mares on an online platform to everybody, in the most simple and transparent way.

Once you’ve visited you realize this is more than just commercial talk. In the collection you find names like Contara (the dam of the great Chacco-Blue), the Olympic Sancha LS, VDL Groep Eureka, Werly Chin de Muze and Whoopie C (the dam of Tobago Z)…

Pieter Devos: “Klaas De Coster and a good friend of his, started this project some 3 years ago. Last year our family decided to participate in the project. Our experience as breeders has led us to believe that good horses originate from good families, so I am convinced that both breeding and sport will benefit from this initiative. We’ve put the standard very high. The mares in this project are all mares that I would genuinely want in our private breeding operation. They are selected on sports successes, on their successful offspring and their dam lines.
When I scroll through our website, I am still amazed by the sheer quality of the group. Some of these mares are real icons, mares I competed against in the ring myself and now we can share their genes with the breeders. Hopefully, in a few years, the breeders will ring me and will I also get the opportunity to compete with their ‘Mares of Macha’ offspring”, smiles Pieter.

Klaas De Coster: “Just like with Pieter’s sport horses, the welfare of these broodmares is crucial. The Mares of Macha spend their days on a self-managed property in northern Italy where they are treated like royalties. Large paddocks and green grasslands are their new home after their successful sports careers. Next to the mares’ welfare, transparency is very important to us.
Mares of Macha is an online environment where clients can purchase embryos in a simple, safe and confident way. We’ve divided our mares into 3 groups, in order to create a clear and transparent pricing. Today, from 8 out of the 14 mares embryos are available on our website. As soon as the other embryos are available they will appear online. We will offer every embryo for sale and we will not be in competition with our own customers by keeping some of the embryos ourselves. The embryos are certified unsexed, giving everybody the same chances on a filly or a colt. We’ve even created a ‘no pregnancy no pay’ formula to make life as easy as possible to those investors that want to be led through their breeding project.”

Klaas De Coster is most known for his business Max Equestrian Productions, providing all sounds and light solutions for equestrian events. He leads the project on a daily basis. For more info concerning the embryo’s, he can be contacted via +32 485 56 85 73

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