04-03-2019 GCT and GCL 2019 started in Doha
The Global Tour is back and Pieter is once more part of the St Tropez Pirates team. Claire did not touch a fence ...
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04-03-2019 Gin D et Kriskas DV ont quitté Devos Stables
La semaine dernière, deux chevaux ont quitté nos écuries. SF Equestrian des Pays-Bas, depuis ...
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11-02-2019 Pieter and Bordeaux
After the win last year in the World Cup, Pieter did not want to leave Bordeaux without another victory and secured ...
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14-01-2019 Successful in Basel
Pieter took Apart, Gin D and Flash to the brilliant show in Basel. Flash gained a lot of experience in the impressive ...
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02-01-2019 Solid performances in Mechelen
Pieter and his horses ended their year in style during Flanders Christmas Show in Mechelen. Flash ended up 4th in ...
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