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Ponies 2002-2005

The passion for horses was transmitted through the genes. Both my parents were riding with the LRV when I was born, and still I had to wait for another six years before receiving my first pony, my first riding lesson. In 2000 I jumped my first international pony competition. Two years later I became Belgian champion with Côte d’Or and I was victorious in four international GP. In contradiction with what its name would lead you to suppose, Côte d’Or was anything but sweet, quite the reverse in fact. It was no easy pony, but precisely this circumstance inspired me and motivated me to make the most of it. It characterizes my attitude: never quit, persevere and act consistently and respectfully. I grew up with these values and recognized them in Dirk Demeersman, my inseparable trainer and rock in competition since I started as a rider.

Horses 2006-2008

Upon graduating in Marketing, I met Equipharma Tekila D in 2006. Still a young rider, I became at once Belgian champion with her and was selected for the EC in Athens. We came back with a fourth place. Tekila D introduced me to international sport. Since 2007 I have been knocking every now and then at the gate of international top-class sport. Together we carried away first prize at the CSIO GP of Copenhagen and I secured my first selections for the Super League Nation Cup heats of Hickstead and Dublin. In 2008, with a year of international experience under my belt, I finished second in the four-star GP of Antwerp, second in the Hickstead GP and second in the Oslo GP. Was I becoming an eternal second? Fortunately not, thanks to Riviera, with whom I won the Odense GP.
My performances did not go by unnoticed. On the eve of 2009, at Jumping Mechelen, I was elected Talent of the Year by the Flemish Horse Riding League. I pledged to prove worthy of this title of distinction. I closed 2008 with a fourth rank in the World Cup heat of Mechelen.


In 2009 Tekila was facing a succession of injuries and simultaneously I got acquainted with Equipharma Utopia vd Donkhoeve. Straight away we jumped to the fifth place at the GP of both Kiel and Hickstead. A selection for the EC in Windsor was the reward.


The ups and downs of 2010 occurred during the two world championships. In Lanaken I became world champion of the seven-year-olds with Equipharma Dax, Rock bottom was reached in Kentucky: having been selected for the WEG team, I was called out of bed on the first night with the sad news that Utopia had injured herself in her stable. I knew at once that my WC adventure was ending right there. I am nevertheless happy with the performances of the team, mainly because they succeeded in winning their selection for the London Olympics in 2012. The Olympic Games remain a dream, a dream I hope to fulfil someday.

2014: Aachen!

In 2014 the season started with bad luck during the first Nations Cup of the year. Candy, until then my first mount, got injured at Lummen and she was out for the rest of the year. She comes back in action in 2015. Luckily in 2014 she could be replaced by my precious successor Dream of India Greenfield. Two months after Candy fell out, Dream of India won the highly payed out Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Shanghai. As a result he was selected to jump for the Belgian team at Aachen. He traveled as an alternate, but came in the team effectively in the end. Pieter and Dream jumped clean at their first Nations Cup of Aachen and the Belgians won the legendary class for the second time in history. Pieter experienced that day as sportsmanlike the most beautiful of the year. The World Equestrian Games in Normandy were not what they expected of it. Dream struggled with an infection of the respiratory tract. It's hard to accept, but at this level of sport, you have to. Not that much later, Dream came back at full force during the indoor World Cup season. He jumped clean in Lyon and in Stuttgart. In Mechelen he brought the year to a close with victory in the KBC Prix.

Since 2012 every year we welcomed a new star in our barn: Dream in 2012, Couscous van Orti in 2013 and Dylano in 2014.

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