History is made!


Pieter Devos with Claire Z, Jos Verlooy with Igor, Jérôme Guéry with Quel Homme de Hus and Gregory Wathelet with MJT Nevados S have made history!

After an exciting battle with Germany, our country took a medal for the first time at a European Championship and it was immediately gold. After a clear day on Thursday, Belgium advanced from 8th to 1st place. Friday during the final round, another 1 penalty point was added for time and so they took the GOLD! Belgium ended with 12.07 points, Germany followed with 16.22. Great Britain was third with 21.41 points.


Tokyo here we come!
They could earn 3 tickets to the Olympics for 3 non-qualified countries. They went to Belgium, Great Britain and France (4th).


Pieter Devos: "Today, all the pieces of the puzzle come together. We have achieved fantastic results individually in the past period and it has always just not been possible at the major championships, but today we are getting the gold medal. We are making a statement and giving the entire Belgian team a boost It must sink a little but I think we can be very proud It is very important to emphasize that we stood here today as a team We are the four men in front, but there are many more people behind us and they also deserve a compliment. "


After giving everything for the Belgian team, Pieter decided not taking part in the final with Claire Z. He respects her enormously for her efforts and thinks she deserves a bit rest with the fantastic gold medal in mind.


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Claire Z